New set! The Cheeky Waiter. Final Part.

The training of submissiveness for Cheeky Waiter would be incomplete without nipples tortures. But the master was fully satisfied when the waiter who had been stripped down to the underwear, having body covered with the marks of whipping, brought him a glass of champagne, being kneeling. 

New Set! Imprisonment of Soldier Pavel. Part I.

Even after captives gave confessions, they cannot expect to have a good conditions of detention. We don't allow them to wear clothes except underwear. Their daily routine fully consist of humiliations and tortures. Moreover we watch them by surveilance cameras and and give an instructions for our assistants when the situation gets out of control... 

New Nude Set! Petty Thief Vitaliy Semenov. Part II.

The Master continued to interrogate the thief Vitaliy. By the way he didn't forget to pleasure himself by watching  sufferings of totally naked Vitaliy and made an indecent proposal to him...

New Set! Former Bodybuilder Roman. Part I.

Roman is a former bodybuilder and has been enslaved by us many years ago. Being chained up all the time he stopped to pumping his muscles and transformed into big hairy beast. One day Master came to visit him... 

New Nude Captive On Our Site! The Deal With the Justice. Part I.

Artem Zakharov has committed an offense and now must bear responsibility in accordance with the Law. It should be so if the ordinary Judge sentenced him. But our Judge sometimes can depart from the restrictions of the Law. He offered Artem to have a deal. Instead of two years imprisonment to spend one day under tortures being totally naked.

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New Set! The Cheeky Waiter. Part II.

After the first acquaintance with the pain, cheeky waiter Stanislav had to get acquainted with the new assistant of our Master. 

New Nude Set! Forgotten Slave. Final Part.

Having taken pleasure in the sufferings of a slave from all the kinds of pain, Doctor finally proceeded with the balls... 

New Captive On Our Site! Petty Thief Vitaliy Semenov. Part I.

Vitaly Semenov is a petty thief. He is accused of stealing a mobile phone. He was delivered to our Torture Center for questioning. But we do not intend to confine ourselves only by investigative actions with him... 

Watch Our Exclusive Video Previews From November Shooting

Dear Members and Guests of our sites,  



Please visit our partner's blogs *Nakedguyz* and 


GAY VIDEO PORTAL to watch our exclusive video previews. 







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Full versions of the videos coming soon at our site.

New Set! Bully Guy Vitaliy. Final Part.

It looks like our assistants really don't like Vitaliy. We are ready to argue that he never felt so much pain before our guys cruelty torture him. And it seems they did it not only for Masters pleasure. 

New Nude Set! Bearded POW. Final Part.

Bearded captured soldier was delivered to another torture chamber where he spent two hardest days in his life. At first he was stripped down to the naked and suspended upside down. Then he was tortured by suffocation. And finally under genital electric torture we made him talk. In our opinion, taking into account soldier's high endurance and masculine beauty, the best further way for him will be slavery. 

New Captive on Our Site! The Cheeky Waiter. Part I.

Despite the fact that Stanislav worked as a waiter in a gay bar, he did not like gays. He could even be called homophobic. Stanislav was very unhappy when the Master began to harrass him. However, he could not even imagine that his intolerance would be severely punished... 

New set! Slim and Pumped Guy Dima. Final Part.

On the final torments day Dima was subjected to water torture and vacuum electrocution on his chest and of course nipples. Despite Dima has honestly worked for our money we won't rush to let him go. His slim and fit body could endure more pain... 

New nude set! Forgotten Slave. Part II.

For the guilty slave there is nothing more horrible than an angry sadistic doctor who is very well versed in all kinds and shades of pain. 

New set! Bully Guy Vitaliy. Part II.

The next assigned punishments for Vitaliy were torso and nipples' tortures. Our assistants have perfectly executed the task and we've got real pleasure watching the tears of real pain! 

New set! Bearded POW. Part III.

Real soldiers can keep silence even being tied in spread eagled stress position and severe flogged on their torso with the horse whip. The next torture chosen by the interrogators was bastinado. But even this didn't make the Bearded P.O.W. talk. Anyway his interrogation will be continued a little bit later in another torture chamber.

New nude set! Especially Dangerous Criminal-2. Final Part.

 To execute the next day's punishments properly, especially dangerous criminal should be totally naked...

New set! Slim and Pumped Guy Dima. Part II.

The next tortures that Master ordered his assistants to execute on Dima were bastinado and body clamps. To make the suffers of Dima more excruciated, Master asked the  assistants to knock off the clamps with the whips... 

New nude captive on our site! Forgotten Slave. Part I.

Have you ever thought what happens to slaves when their Masters get bored of them? Usually Masters don't let them shave and take a shower, they feed them plain food to support them alive, and slaves should be shackled all the time. But this time something went wrong with one of the forgotten slave. He ate not so much and thereby attract the attention of Guard. His Master decided to call a Doctor. When Doctor came to check Slave's health he bit him. That was a terrible fault...